Five Ways To Minimize Side Effects When Taking Anabolic Steroids

A legal steroid supplement, such as d-bol, can do wonders for your training routine, allowing you to bulk up more quickly and recover from your workouts more efficiently. Unfortunately, a lot of people approach these supplements with apprehension because they're aware of the unwanted side effects -- such as acne, high blood pressure, and skin infections -- that the steroids sometimes cause. Luckily, there are things you can do to minimize your risk of side effects, so you can harness the power of steroids with less worry.

Take a multivitamin supplement.

When you take steroids and work out heavily, your body is put under a lot of stress as it builds muscle rapidly. This can lead to depletion of certain vitamins and minerals, which may make some of the side effects of steroids worse. By taking a multivitamin daily, you can protect yourself from these nutrient deficiencies and from side effects like fatigue, frequent illness, and infection.

Ensure you're eating plenty of potassium.

High blood pressure is a common problem among steroid users, and it can contribute to heart attacks and other issues. However, since athletes taking steroids are often working out very hard, which depletes the body of potassium, it's hard to say whether it's really the steroids that are to blame for the high blood pressure, or the potassium deficiency.

Getting more potassium in your diet will help decrease your risk of high blood pressure and other heart ailments while you're taking steroids. Good sources of potassium include sweet potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, bananas, prunes, and tuna. You can also purchase a salt substitute that contains potassium and use it on your food in place of salt.

Be careful when planning your dose.

It's important to make sure you're taking the right amount of supplement to meet your needs without harming your body. If you purchase your steroid supplements from a reputable distributor, they should include some dosing recommendations and instructions. The proper dose is dependent on your size, age, gender, fitness level, and goals. If you have any doubt as to how much you should be taking, talk to an experienced trainer who is familiar with steroid use. Don't just guess as to how much to take -- this is a good way to end up feeling miserable.

If you are experiencing side effects you can't deal with, reduce your dose.

A lot of people make the mistake of going off their supplement completely if they notice a side effect they don't like. This can actually be pretty hard on the body, since you go from taking a substantial dose one day to not taking anything at all the next. These hormonal fluctuations can cause mental and physical stress. Instead of cycling off your supplement completely, just reduce the dose if you're experiencing acne, anger issues, increased body hair, or other annoying side effects. An experienced trainer, once again, can help you settle in on the dose that's best for you.

Keep your alcohol intake as low as possible.

Steroid supplements can put strain on your liver. The liver is a regenerative organ, so as long as you're eating a pretty healthy diet, are taking a wise dose, and don't have a history of liver trouble, you should not have to worry too much. However, drinking alcohol when taking these supplements is not wise, since alcohol also puts an increased strain on the liver. Combined, these two drugs could cause liver damage. Just say "no" to alcohol when using steroids, or keep your intake to one drink every once in a while.

By taking steroids wisely, you can experience the gains you desire without the unwanted side effects. Talk to a trainer or a reputable retailer of these supplements to learn more.