Last Birth A Tough One? Three Natural Ways To Help This One Go More Smoothly

When you have a difficult childbirth, the prospect of giving birth again can be a bit daunting. You can't wait for your new child to come into this world, but you're a bit worried that you'll have to deal with the same pain and trauma you experienced during your previous birth. Your physician should serve as your primary resource when it comes to medically preparing for the birth and ensuring that anything that what went wrong from a physiological standpoint does not happen again. However, there are also some safe and natural ways you can work towards a smoother birth this time around.

Meet with a midwife.

If you've never worked with a midwife before, you may hold the common misconception that they are an antiquated or unsafe alternative to a licensed physician. This is not the case. Today's certified midwives are specially trained to work with women throughout their pregnancy and birth. You can work with a midwife, like those found at, in addition to your physician -- your OBGYN may even recommend one to you.

When you meet with a midwife throughout your pregnancy, she will work to address your mental and emotional concerns related to the birth. Having someone there to guide and encourage you, and to answer your questions along the way, will help you approach your labor with confidence. If you go into the experience feeling confident and positive about it, then it is more likely to go smoothly. Your partner can attend regular midwife appointments with you, so he or she can also be informed as to how the pregnancy is progressing and how to help you stay healthy and happy throughout it.

Visit your chiropractor.

Though many people fear visiting the chiropractor during pregnancy, doing so is actually completely safe and very beneficial. All chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant women, but if you visit one who specializes in working with pregnant women, he or she may be able to treat you even more effectively -- and will likely also have a specialty table that accommodates your belly.

Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can help keep your pelvis properly aligned as your baby grows and places additional pressure on certain areas. Not only will this help alleviate back pain during pregnancy, but it will also decrease your chances of complications and excessive pain during labor. By alleviating pressure on certain areas of your spine, your chiropractor can also ensure your muscles are looser and better able to function properly when it's time to push. There are even certain adjustment techniques your chiropractor can use to ensure your baby turns around into the proper birthing position, rather than breeching.

Attend labor massage lessons with your partner.

A massage during labor can help keep you comfortable and ensure the birth process goes smoothly. Many women feel most comfortable if this massage is conducted by their partner. Thus, attending some massage lessons during your pregnancy is recommended. A midwife or your OBGYN may be able to recommend some labor massage classes in your area; they're becoming more popular as people learn of the benefits of labor massage.

At the classes, your partner will learn some techniques that will make you feel more comfortable when you're in labor. He or she can practice those techniques on you during classes, so you can establish early on what feels good and what doesn't. Some massage experts recommend using essential oils, like almond or grapeseed oil, to further promote relaxation during labor. Experiment with these during pregnancy, too, so that when the baby comes, you already know which ones you prefer.

Giving birth can be a rewarding and special experience in spite of the inevitable struggle. If you follow the tips above, there's a good chance this next birth will go much more smoothly than your last one.