Foot Pain Caused By Fallen Arches

Walking is something that many adults take for granted until it hurts to walk or put weight on it. One of the most common causes for foot pain is fallen arches, otherwise known as flat feet. The arch is the curve that is found on the inside middle portion of your foot. The best way to keep your feet happy is to know how to care for your arches, preventing them from falling or recognizing when to seek help.

How the Arch Works

Your arch is formed by tendons that attach to your heel. Tendons are simply tight, stretchy bands that pull or hold joints in place. If your tendons are not pulling that muscle, then your arch disappears. You can determine if you have fallen arches by walking in water and then walking on a hard surface that will show the prints. You should see a gap in your footprint for where your arch would be. If you see the full footprint, then your arches have fallen. It is important to know that most children have flat feet, as the tendons strengthen with age.

Why Arches Fall

There are several reasons why an arch may fall, with obesity, diabetes, and simple aging being the most common. However, there are medical causes to fallen arches, such as broken bones or torn tendons. Rheumatoid arthritis and other nerve problems can also cause flat footedness. Any abnormality or inflammation of that area can prevent the tendons from pulling properly. 

Symptoms You May Experience

If you are constantly battling tired and painful feet, then your arches may be causing you the problem. You may also experience swelling on the bottoms of your feet and it becomes very painful to stand on your tip toes. The pain often will move from your feet to the back of your legs. This is a great time to do a simple test to see if your arches have fallen, but a trip to the doctor is likely needed.


If the doctor confirms that your arches have fallen, they will make sure to give you a treatment plan that best meets your needs. In more severe cases, an orthopedic shoe may be necessary, but in other times you will only need some physical therapy and pain killers. There are rare occasions when the doctor will recommend surgery to help shape your foot properly and allow you to walk without pain. 

The best prevention for fallen arches that are not medically caused is to wear shoes with arch support, as well as watching your weight. Preventative measures will help you walking without pain, so a little care goes a long way. For more information, talk to a professional like Foot & Ankle Care Center PA.