Your First Time At The Gynecologist: When To Start And What To Expect

It can feel very stressful to go to your first gynecology appointment. While you can generally wait until you are sexually active to begin seeing a gynecologist, many young women go to their first appointment with a gynecologist once they start getting their period. The average age is twelve to begin getting a period, while the range is between 10-15. This means that there is no set age that is appropriate to begin seeing a gynecologist, but instead it's when your body begins to change from childhood to adulthood. Some start going when they become sexually active, while others go for difficult or irregular periods. Regular exams won't hurt, and they'll get you started on a path to wellness for your reproductive future.

Your First Appointment With a Gynecologist Explained

If you feel really nervous about going to the gynecologist, your first visit is usually pretty basic. You'll sit down with your doctor and they will ask you questions about your medical history. You'll be asked if you are sexually active, which may feel weird to talk about. Try to remember that this is your doctor, and being honest about your sexual activity will allow the doctor to give you the guidance or treatment you need to keep you healthy.

The Exam During Your First Visit

Your doctor is going to talk with you about any symptoms you may be experiencing. Be clear if you are nervous about getting an examination, and understand that you can ask the doctor to stop at any time. You'll be asked to wear a gown that covers your body, and your doctor only sees what they need to in order to complete your exam. While it is embarrassing, try to remember that women are given a similar exam daily, and this is just a routine day for your doctor.

You'll likely undergo a general physical, where your height and weight will be checked, as well as your temperature and blood pressure. Next, your doctor is likely to perform an exam of your breasts. They will use their fingers to see if there are any abnormal lumps in your breast. If your breasts are just developing, your doctor will be careful not to prod too heavily.

Examination of Your Pelvic Area

If you are not sexually active, your doctor will do a quick pap smear. They will use a specially designed brush to get a few cells from your cervix to send them out to test for abnormal cells. If you are sexually active, your doctor will likely perform a more thorough exam to check your reproductive organs out more carefully.

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