4 Strategies For Dealing With Your Asthma

Having asthma can be scary sometimes. When you are having an asthma attack and you can't breathe, you start to panic and you start fighting for every breath. There are things that you can do to help control your asthma and help you when you are having an attack. 

Stay Calm

When you are in the middle of an asthma attack, it can be really hard to stay calm. However, panicking can make it harder on you and may even cause your attack to be worse. If you can calm down and just focus on breathing through your attack, you may end up having a less severe attack than you might otherwise have had. It's going to take some practice to control any panic or anxiety during an attack, but it's possible to do. 

Keep a Log

Keeping a log of when you have an attack, what you were doing at the time, where you were, and what it took for you to get over the attack can be really helpful. You can show it to your doctor to help them figure out the best treatment plan for you. Without that log, your doctor may have a hard time prescribing medicine and treatments that can be the most beneficial for you. 


Visiting a respiratory therapist can also help you control your asthma. That's because they can help you increase your lung volume and give you coping tools which can help you avoid your triggers and help you get through any asthma attacks. The RT you see will help you with things that you can do at home as homework to help you with your asthma. Adding those things into your daily routine can really help you with controlling your asthma. 

Visit an Allergist

If you notice that most of your asthma attacks surround various allergy attacks, you should visit an allergist or an asthma specialist. They specialize in identifying and treating allergies. They can give you some medication and treatments which can help you deal with those allergies and hopefully lessen the amount of asthma attacks you have, especially during those high allergy times. 

Having asthma can be scary, but with a few good strategies, you can handle it and keep it from controlling your life. That will help you enjoy doing what you want to do without ending up having an asthma attack and even end up hospitalized to handle the attack.