How And Where To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

If your state has legalized medical marijuana, you'll need a marijuana card before you can buy it. Each state has its own regulations on who can get a card and how you go about it. Here is a general overview of what you can expect, but remember, you'll have to abide by the specific laws in your state, which may be different from the overview here.

Where To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

Your primary doctor may be able to write a recommendation letter so you can obtain medical marijuana. However, it's more likely you'll have to visit a marijuana doctor that is registered by your state. You may need to undergo a physical examination and transfer your medical records to the marijuana doctor.

However, some states allow for a consultation with the doctor online, which is much more convenient. There may be a waiting period after seeing the doctor before you can obtain a card and buy marijuana.

How To Qualify For Medical Marijuana

Getting a marijuana card is easier in some states than others. Anxiety disorders qualify you in some areas, while in other states you need to have a serious illness, such as cancer or seizures. Your illness may need to be documented for a certain length of time before it qualifies you for a card.

What You Can Do With A Medical Marijuana Card

A marijuana card allows you to enter a marijuana dispensary to buy various forms of the plant for ingestion. You might choose from a variety of edibles or buy the plant for smoking. You'll be limited to the amount of marijuana you can possess at one time. There will also be restrictions on where you can use the plant, such as not being allowed to smoke in public. The card also outlines how many marijuana plants you can grow. You may not be able to grow any if you live within a certain distance of a dispensary.

A card is generally good for one year. You'll have to repeat the process of qualifying for the card to renew it, so plan to start the process a few weeks in advance or there may be an interruption in your ability to buy marijuana from your dispensary. The cost of getting a card varies quite a bit from state to state, and some states have discounts for people on Medicaid or SNAP. You'll have to pay for the card initially as well as the annual renewal and for replacement if you lose the card.

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