3 Things You Should Know About Cataracts & Vision Loss

When eyesight begins to get bad, it is the type of problem that can usually be corrected by wearing eyeglasses. If you have found that your eyeglasses have had to be frequently changed due to them not correcting your vision, the problem might stem from a cataract. It is actually possible for you to have a cataract in one or both of your eyes, which will also determine the severity of your vision problem.

It is important to get cataracts treated promptly because they can lead to eyesight problems that are irreversible. This article will explain a few important things in regards to suffering from cataracts.

Signs You Have a Cataract

Diminishing vision is one of the first signs of one or more cataracts being present, especially if eyeglasses doesn't seem to be helping. An optometrist can determine how many cataracts are present by performing an examination in both of your eyes. Seeing things in double in the eye that has a cataract is one of the other signs to look for. Close one eye at a time to determine if the one that is open sees double vision. In a severe case of cataracts, you will notice that your pupil as a grayish appearance.

What Is a Cataract?

Basically, a cataract is defined as an eye disease that gradually causes eyesight to diminish due to the pupil becoming cloudy. The cloudiness might not be noticeable when a cataract is in the early stage of development, but an optometrist can use other methods for discovering the disease. The cloudiness of a cataract is caused by the aggregation of protein in the lens of one or more eyes. It is possible for the protein to continuously build up until treatment is obtained, or it might remain at a low level and not cause much harm. Growing old is one of the most common reasons for a cataract to develop.

How Professionals Determine the Treatment Method

The progression of the cataract is how an optometrist will determine the treatment method if one is found to be present. Being that you are no longer able to see clearly by wearing eyeglasses, it is likely that surgery will be the best option for treating the cataract. Surgery will be necessary for removing the cloudiness from your lens to enable you to see things more clearly. Your natural lens will have to be completely removed to resolve the problem. However, an artificial lens will be put in place of the natural lens.

To learn more about cataracts treatment, contact local vision clinics.