Treat Injuries And Promote Healing After Falling Onto Your Knees While Outdoors

If you were walking home from a convenient store and accidentally tripped while crossing the sidewalk leading to your home's front door, resulting in you falling onto your knees and experiencing excruciating pain, the tips below can be used to help treat your injuries and promote healing. 

Receive Assistance With Entering Your Home 

If you have your cellphone on you, call a family member that is inside of your home so that they are aware that you fell and so that they can assist you with getting up from the ground. If you live alone or if you do not have access to a phone, yell out to neighbors so they are aware of your presence. Slowly try to move your legs and stand in an upright position. Allow the person helping you to lead you into your home.

Avoid placing a lot of pressure on your legs and ease into a couch or comfortable chair as soon as you enter your residence. Inspect your knees for cuts. If blood is slowly dripping from each knee, use a compress to aid in stopping the blood flow. Clean the wounds with antiseptic and a sterile cloth. Place ice packs on your knees to reduce swelling.

Be Transported To A Business That Provides Urgent Care

If discomfort becomes unbearable or if you are unable to stop blood from flowing from each knee, you will need professional medical care. The idea of stopping by a hospital may not be appealing to you if the closest hospital is located several miles away. If an urgent care faclity is located nearby, ask a loved one to transport you to the business. At an urgent care facility, you do not need to worry about waiting in a long line or needing an appointment to be seen by a physician.

Urgent care employees understand that people live hectic lifestyles and may be pressed for time. After entering an urgent care business, check in with a receptionist and provide the person with details about your injury. After you are examined and treated by a doctor, purchase medication or first aid supplies that you have been instructed to use. Head home soon afterward so that you can rest. 

Avoid Walking Or Bending Your Knees And Ask For Help With Tasks

You may not feel like yourself for several days, so it is a good idea to avoid walking or bending your knees as much as possible because the last thing you will want is to fall again and injure yourself further. Try to rest as much as you can and follow the medical advice that you were given during the urgent care appointment. If you have various household tasks or errands that need to be performed, ask a friend or loved one to help you with your responsibilities until your injuries have healed.