Reasons You Might Prefer Ear Plugs To Muffs When You Go Shooting

When you take up the pastime of shooting, safety needs to be your top priority. Shooting safety isn't only about understanding the ins and outs of your firearms and following the shooting range's rules — you also need to learn how to keep yourself safe. The high-decibel nature of this activity can seriously compromise your hearing, and your hearing ability can be harmed to a small degree, each time that you pull the trigger. Hearing protection, therefore, is a must, but you'll need to decide whether you wish to use ear plugs or ear muffs designed for shooting. Here are some reasons that the former might be better for you.

They're Better On Hot Days

Although you might go shooting at different times of the year, you'll commonly find that ear plugs suit you better, when the weather is warm. If you live in a warm climate and plan to shoot 12 months a year, ear plugs will often be your better choice. Earmuff-style hearing protection can be bothersome, when it's hot. You'll already be sweating around your face, and the material rubbing against your skin around your ears can cause irritation. Additionally, the muffs will prevent the heat from escaping your ears, rendering them warm and uncomfortable. With ear plugs, you won't face such issues.

They're Less To Carry

It might seem like a small detail, but the simple fact that ear plugs are smaller, and thus less bulky, can make them desirable over muffs to many shooing enthusiasts. When you go to the shooting range, you want to be able to carry all of your gear with ease. However, if you're carrying a couple firearms, plenty of ammunition, and a variety of accessories, you won't exactly be traveling lightly. Muffs take up significant space in your carrying cases, whereas plugs can easily fit in your shirt pocket.

They Make You Feel Sleeker

At some shooting ranges, you remain stationary in a specific area. At tactical ranges, however, you'll be moving through a course and taking down a variety of targets. In such a scenario, you want to feel sleek and nimble, and earmuff-style protection can feel bulky and heavy. While it's true that the bulk is minimal, some shooters have a tough time getting used to the excess material on the sides of their heads. Ear plugs for shooting, meanwhile, are so small that you'll hardly notice them as you move.