Do You Head Bang Every Weekend At Metal Concerts? You May Need Physical Therapy

Heavy metal fans know that the best way to show a love for their favorite band is to bang their head at concerts. However, they might not realize the kind of damage they are doing to their neck. If you are head banging regularly and are starting to feel pain in your neck, you need to seriously consider physical therapy for treating this serious issue.

Head Banging Is Bad For Your Neck

When you're in the middle of watching your favorite heavy metal band play, you are probably going to want to bang your head as hard as possible. Head banging has been part of the heavy metal scene since almost the very beginning of the genre. Nothing shows your love of a band and their sound off more than banging your head along to the rhythm of their songs.

Unfortunately, generations of head bangers are opening themselves up to minor to severe neck problems. For example, head banging will put a severe strain on your neck and work the muscles in a variety of ways. While this may sometimes strengthen the muscles, it can also cause whiplash, a painful condition that can degenerate into more serious issues.

So it seems like Metallica knew what they were talking about when they wrote "Whiplash," as suffering from this problem is becoming a surprisingly common issue with many heavy metal fans. And even worse neck conditions could develop if you aren't careful. Thankfully, physical therapy can help you keep your neck strong even after sustained sessions of head banging.

How Physical Therapy Can Help

While it might not seem very metal to get physical therapy for whiplash and other neck problems, you'll be glad that you did. For example, a high-quality physical therapist can identify where your whiplash originated and give you pain treatments that minimize how much you are suffering after your favorite concert is over. 

Just as importantly, they can diagnose stretching and strengthening exercises that you can use to avoid strain during your extended sessions of banging your head. Surprisingly, this can make it easier for you to bang your head without suffering from any serious injury.

So if you love banging your head to your favorite metal riffs, please seriously consider physical therapy. You might want to ease back a bit on the severity of your head banging or find another way to express your undying love of heavy metal.

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