Do You Sustain Some Sports Injuries? Signs That You Need Sports Medicine Injury Therapy

Engaging in sporting activities gives you benefits such as weight loss, improved heart health, better brain health, and increased resilience. If you are venturing into sports for the first time after a long time, your body will fight you before it adjusts. The same thing happens to elite athletes when trying to move to another difficulty level. Sometimes, the challenge is whether your body will respond to the increased activity and if you could sustain a severe sports injury.

While certain injuries will be sudden and painful, others creep up on you and are hard to diagnose. Here are signs that you might have a sports injury and perhaps how therapy will speed up your recovery. 

When You Have Numbness and Tingling

The human body has an intricate system of muscles, nerves, and tendons. It also has ligaments and bones. The nervous system is what relays signals from the brain to the other components in your body. When any of these parts are injured, you can experience compression of the nerves. Soft tissue injuries can also hurt the nerves and interfere with the way they transmit signals. Compressed nerves cause numbness, and it can also cause a tingling sensation in the affected parts of the body.

If the symptom persists even after taking pain medication and getting a hot and cold compress, you should call a sports medicine professional to diagnose the injuries and offer the right treatment.

When You Have Localized Swelling

Swelling is another sign that all is not well with your musculoskeletal system. When you get a soft tissue injury, you tear some of your muscles. The tears make the body move fluid and white blood cells to the affected area. The release of homeostatic response chemicals to the injured part causes pain, swelling, and inflammation response. Swelling also results from injuries to the joints or bone as well as tendons.

It's, therefore, crucial to get a sports injury medicine expert to assess any swellings and recommend the best sports medicine injury therapy for you.

When You Have Limited Movement

If you feel pain when you try to move the neck, a limb, or any part of the body, you may have a severe sports injury. The tenderness can be accompanied by weakness and instability when trying to move.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms persist, it's time for sports medicine injury therapy. Ignoring sports injuries makes them fester, which can create serious complications. With the help of a professional in sports injury recovery and rehabilitation, you will heal and resume your sporting activities.

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