Tips When Using Medical Transcription Services

If you're a physician, you may spend a lot of time recording audio to document different things with patients. You probably still need access to physical reports, which is where medical transcription services will be useful since they can take audio files and convert them into well-formatted documents. These transcription services will be worth it in the end if you're smart about how you use them. 

Make Sure Uploading Practices Are Secure

Some of your audio files will probably contain sensitive patient information that needs to remain private. You can feel better about uploading these files to the medical transcribers you work with by ensuring their uploading practices are fully secure.

The uploading platform shouldn't have any security vulnerabilities, whether it's by way of email or a special software program. The medical transcribers you hire should verify this security in the beginning so that you don't have any apprehension going into this relationship.

Look for Transcription Accuracy

In order to effectively read medical reports that are transcribed from audio files, the transcription process needs to be highly accurate. Then you can trust what you're reading was actually said in the audio files that you'll hand over to the transcription company you work with.

A good way to assess transcription accuracy is to send over a couple of audio file samples that medical transcribers can work on. After they send them back, you can verify accuracy for yourself and then feel good about moving forward if there weren't any issues.

Utilize Phone Support When Appropriate 

In order to have an easier time working with medical transcribers, it's important that they offer ample phone support. There may be things you need to discuss with these transcribers directly to ensure there aren't any mistakes made because of miscommunication.

For instance, you may want your medical reports formatted a certain way. Being able to talk over the phone makes it easier to confirm that your requests are acknowledged. These over-the-phone conversations can also be helpful when changes suddenly come up, such as needing more audio files transcribed than originally planned for or realizing that certain information needs to be left out. 

Taking audio files and turning them into written words is a service that your medical practice may need. You'll need to hire medical transcribers to complete these tasks. As long as you know what skills to get in the beginning and use these services wisely, medical transcription will really help out your practice. 

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