5 Signs Your Loved One Needs In-Home Medical Care

While we would like our loved ones to remain healthy and active forever, that simply isn't realistic. As people grow older, their health can decline and they can't take care of themselves like they did before. It's important to recognize when your family member needs assistance because he or she might be too embarrassed to ask for it. Here are five signs your loved one may need in-home medical care.

Your Family Member Looks Unclean or Poorly Groomed

If your family member frequently looks like he has not taken a bath in a while or has messy hair, there might be something wrong. Your loved one might not be strong or healthy enough to take daily baths and may require assistance.

Your Family Member Suffered a Fall

Elderly people are more prone to falls because their bones are more brittle. If your family member recently suffered a fall, he may have to use a cane or walker for a while and have trouble doing many tasks, like cleaning the house and getting to the bathroom. An in-home medical care worker can help your loved one with these tasks.

Your Member Becomes More Forgetful

While it is not a big deal if your loved one occasionally forgets where his keys are, it is concerning if he forgets to take medication all the time or does not remember where he lives. An in-home medical care worker can help your family member complete tasks he may forget about.

Your Family Member's Health Has Gone Down Hill

Older people are more likely to develop chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease, and may require assistance. If your loved one's health has gotten worse, an in-home medical care worker can ensure he takes his medication and is comfortable at home.

Your Family Member Has a Messy Home

If your family member usually keeps his house neat and tidy, there may be something wrong if there are clothes all over the floor and dirty dishes in the sink. It might mean that your loved one is too weak or sick to pick up around the house and needs help.

If you believe that your loved one would benefit from in-home medical care, you should talk to him about your concerns soon. An in-home medical care worker can come to your family member's house and provide support with various tasks, including taking medication, cooking, cleaning and bathing.