Three Steps To Consider If You Experience Hearing Aid Static

Wearing hearing aids is a valuable way you can improve your hearing. If you've struggled with hearing difficulties for a prolonged duration, visiting a hearing specialist and getting equipped with a pair of hearing aids that are tuned to your particular hearing challenges will bolster your quality of life. Over time, you may notice that your hearing aids are producing some degree of static. This doesn't happen very often, but it's useful to know what to do when you face such an issue. Here are three steps that you'll want to consider if you experience static with your hearing aids.

Change The Battery

Hearing aid static can often result from battery-related issues. Frequently, a battery that is on the verge of death will cause you to hear some static. Even if you don't believe that the battery is due to be changed, it's worthwhile to remove it and replace it with a new one. You'll commonly find that this simple step will fix the issue. If you're aware of static in just one ear, you can replace the battery in the corresponding hearing aid. However, if you're not sure what side the static is coming from, don't hesitate to replace the battery in each device.

Clean The Hearing Aids

In order to keep your hearing aids in good working condition, you'll need to clean them regularly. The cleaning interval will depend on how much ear wax you produce, and your hearing specialist can provide a guideline for you to follow. If you're experiencing mild or significant static, it's possible that the hearing aids need to be cleaned. Wipe down the surface of the hearing aids with a clean cloth and remove any built-up wax or grease with a brush or other cleaning tool. This can often reduce or eliminate the static you hear.

Visit Your Hearing Specialist

If the two above steps don't alleviate the static, you shouldn't hesitate to get help from your local hearing specialist. You can call the clinic to explain the situation, and someone may offer a few additional tips for you to try. In most cases, you'll receive a prompt appointment to visit the clinic so that your hearing specialist can assess the hearing aids and determine the cause of the issue. Whether the specialist repairs or replaces the device in question, you can expect to have a solution to your static issue before long.